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April Kids Box Reveal 2019

We’re so excited to share this month’s kids food subscription box with you! We’ve uncovered some truly awesome health food products for you to try, and we hope they put a smile on your little one’s face.


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March Kids Box Reveal 2019

Taking you inside the world of healthy kids treats!With the release of our very first Kids Box, we’ve had the opportunity to unleash our own inner-child. It’s been a real adventure to engage with so many wonderful products, all of them contributing to happy, healthy kids. Here’s some insight into the great nut-free products that you’ll find in the box this month.Whole Kids: Organic Cocoa Barefoot BarSurprisingly, there are only three ingredients in this tasty treat: dates, coconut and


How To Create A Healthy Kids Lunch Box

A balanced lunch is so important for little ones, helping to keep growing bodies in check and energised, and little minds focused. Easier said than done we know, but here are 3 can-do everyday kids' lunch tips from our Nutritionist Melissa Fine.1️. Eat the rainbowAim for 4-5 different colours from fruit and veg. Think carrot sticks, cucumber crudites, cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, blueberries, grapes...whatever they like!2️. Don't forget the protein: Protein helps to keep blood sugar and energy levels steady.Try:Leftover