My Day On A Plate: Sara Quilter from Tailor Skincare

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My Day On A Plate: Sara Quilter from Tailor Skincare

After learning about the plethora of toxins in synthetic skincare Sara Quilter started Tailores Skincare with a bag of clay and Kenwood cake mixer. "I'm a control freak and needed to know what I was putting onto my skin was good for me and my skin".

From small beginnings she's grown Tailor into New Zealand's most popular skincare brand on Instagram and attributes this to her use of informative blog content. "With so much information bombarding us these days, it's important to get the facts so you're in the best place to make an informed choice about what you put onto your skin." Without further ado here is Sara's Day On A Plate

6.00am - Gym, I like to listen to a podcast while on the treadmill. At the moment I'm listening to the ProBlogger pod cast and have recently downloaded some tracks from Elizabeth Gilbert. On Mondays and Fridays I do yoga (my happy place).

7.30am - Breakfast Smoothie. I love chocolate! Breakfast is the best time for a choc fix. I blend: 1x frozen banana, a handful of baby spinach (or kale), blueberries are optional, a scoop of coconut yogurt, a dash of coconut milk, a scoop of maca, a two scoops of raw cacao, 2 x dates and sometimes cinnamon and fresh ginger. Pour into a bowl and top with fresh fruit. Soooo good!
8.00am - Start work. I try to "eat the frog in the morning". Meaning I try to do the hardest task first thing in the morning so the rest of my day is downhill (or up hill depending on they way you look at things).
10.30am - Tea or snack break sometimes. I'm obsessed with Tulsi tea (holy basil) it's is not as grassy as green tea plus it's caffeine free and delicious.

12.30pm - Lunch. I try to make a salad the night before with Tempeh. I'll toast my tempeh on our toasted sandwich maker because we don't have a stove at work. A MacGyver trick for those hard working entrepreneurs who are pressed for time, you're welcome!

3.00pm - I'll eat some sort of beverage and some fruit or nut butter straight from the jar (don't judge). I love Kombucha but a hibiscus tea also hits the spot.
6.00pm - Head home for dinner. We usually have something healthy, my fave is roasted veggies on a bed of fresh greens. But I also love fish and salad.
10.00pm - Head to bed. Well, this doesn't always work out but it's a goal I'm working towards.

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