My Day On A Plate: Olivia Arezzolo

My Day On A Plate
My Day On A Plate: Olivia Arezzolo

This weeks My Day On A Plate come from Olivia Arezzolo! Olivia is a model, a certified personal trainer, a psychology graduate and current student of Nutritional Medicine and she also looks after the social media marketing for a few health oriented brands. Without further ado here is her Day On A Plate!

In a nutshell, instagram is my best friend, I’m a health and fitness enthusiast and I always have my head in my laptop reading or writing an article, book or website on the topic of wellbeing. I love spending time with my boyfriend, am incredibly analytical and could drink chai tea with coconut milk all day long… and often do. This is my day:


Good morning! When it comes to morning people, that would be me – I’m a little ball of energy from the moment the crows land on my balcony. After having some warm lemon water, I’ll have my first cup of chai tea and head to the gym for some HIIT, or to see personal trainer Mimi for some super heavy weights. I’m trying to increase strength all over my body so we are pushing my body hard – I absolutely love the endorphins from my daily training!


Straight after my session I make myself a smoothie – it’s crucial within the first 30 minutes to refuel to ensure I’m building lean muscle. Usually this is a scoop of protein powder (at the moment I’m using a blend from Health Lab), an organic frozen banana, two sachets of Vida Glow (a marine collagen supplement which makes my hair thicker and skin clearer), a big handful of organic spinach, organic coconut milk and a superfood: magnesium, a green blend, maca, Acai - to maximise nutrient variety, I mix it up.. While I’m devouring this I’ll usually do some writing – either responding to emails, research for blog posts, a uni assignment, searching for upcoming events for us to partner up on for one of my clients… the list is endless!



Off to one of my favourite cafes – The Farm in Potts Point – to meet up with one of the directors I work with and discuss upcoming competitions on our Facebook and instagram page. They have this seriously incredible chai. We also share a piece of their paleo banana bread, a bliss ball and a scoop of activated nuts. Sharing is caring!


Spray tan time! I head into Bondi Junction to Tuscan Tan. They’ve been doing my tan for years and it is my absolute favourite - the colour is perfect and it lasts for just under two weeks. I’m shooting tomorrow for a lingerie brand so it’s critical that my tan is super fresh. I pop by the market while I’m there too – I love the markets, especially ones that I can sample wholesome food at (a well known fact by all of my friends). I buy a green juice from these guys who live on a solar powered organic farm – it’s packed with yerba mate, kale and organic grapefruit juice. My whole body feels a buzz the moment it touches my lips – yum!


Lunch! I’m very excited today - The Plant Gallery, a company I work closely with, have some lunch left over from recipe testing for their new restaurant. I happily accept their kind offer, scoot by and say hello and savour every morsel of the raw vegan delights - quinoa sushi, mushroom ceviche and some vegetable crackers with olive pate - I am in food heaven! I try and eat mostly raw, plant based food throughout the day (yes I know banana bread is not raw – mostly!) as I feel my more energetic and mentally I’m more focused. However, when my body craves meat (usually fish) I will always listen - I think that's the key to feeling your best.



I need to finish off my social posts for one of my clients this afternoon. This means research on the web and reaching out to health professionals. This would have to be one of my favouite aspects of my work – I’m thrilled to connect with wellness gurus that have devoted themselves educating themselves and sharing their knowledge. I take a lot of time when doing this – it’s really important to ensure that the information I’m using is accurate and that the our partners are 100% aligned with our beliefs. From a marketing perspective, this also helps us build brand identity through being associated with wellness experts that the consumer understands.


Meeting with the director of a PT studio as we are planning to run group training session together. I have a lot happening between my projects but I’d love to make space for this - he has an incredibly holistic approach to wellness and appreciates that training is more than just physical fitness: it’s a mental and spiritual experience too. While discussing we share some raw vegan cashew cheese from The Plant Gallery and a Chief Bar - a grass fed lamb bar with almond and currants. Ironically, the two are a match made in heaven.


We wrap up the meet and I put on my trainers – after being in front of my laptop for most of the day, I crave being in nature. I live really close to Rushcutters Bay Park so I head there for a walk, give my mum a call and finish with some deep breathing and gentle stretches.


Tonight I’m cooking dinner for my boyfriend and I. I roast an organic, free range chicken and pair it a quinoa, pumpkin, avocado and fresh herb salad (Check out the recipe below). I set the table, light a Glasshouse candle and serve up one of our favourites. I love that at the end of the day (literally), he is the one I share everything with: the ups, downs and everything in between. He is incredibly patient, loving and is always encouraging me to follow my passions, regardless of how crazy they are – I’m very lucky.



I spend some time looking over what’s coming up for my uni over the coming week (nothing pressing fortunately!) and then switch on a movie - I’m hooked on health documentaries at the moment and so I watch ‘Bought’. It’s about the wellness industry, the relationship between the economy and biomedical model of medicine, and the role of GMOs and immunization in diseases such as autism, diabetes and asthma.


Time to head to bed! I put on my meditation playlist and practice my affirmations for the evening while my body sinks into relaxation. I’ve only started this recently and am focusing on being present in the moment – and already I am experiencing a major shift in my consciousness - which is hugely enriching. I know the more I practise this the more effective this will become, and this makes me very excited.

Recipe: Quinoa salad with pumpkin, avocado and fresh herbs

Serves 2-3, and is recommended with an addition of protein such as chicken, salmon, eggs, chickpeas or tofu.

  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 cup roasted / boiled organic pumpkin
  • 1 cup raw organic baby spinach, chopped
  • 1 organic corn cob, kernels removed
  • ½ organic red onion, chopped finely
  • ½ organic avocado, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon raw organic pine nuts
  • 2 tablespoons organic fresh coriander, chopped
  • Himalayan rock salt and pepper, to taste


Once quinoa and pumpkin have cooled following cooking, combine all ingredients into a bowl.
Choose your protein and cook / add that too.
Ensure that avocado, coriander and pine nuts are clearly seen (for instagram purposes mainly).

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