My Day on a Plate with Eco-Toothfairy Lucy Wilby

My Day On A Plate
My Day on a Plate with Eco-Toothfairy Lucy Wilby

Lucy is the founder of The Charcoal Toothbrush, a 100% environmental toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles and a biodegradable bamboo handle. Jumping on one of nature's best cleaning agents and turning it into a business all started while living in California where Lucy became passionate about the environment influencing her to become a more conscious consumer.

A self-confessed health foodie, Lucy loves prepping meals for the week ahead using fresh, organic produce from the local health food stores or directly from the farm gate. After falling in love with Lucy's genius toothbrush creation and her story, we wanted to find out more about her healthy habits and what she eats in a day.

Lucy's day on a plate...


I’m an early riser getting up at 5:00am every day. I start my day with 1 litre of water first thing, I’ve found that this really wakes me up and kick starts my body and mind for my busy day ahead. I let that settle for about 5-10 minutes while I meditate. I sit and meditate (preferable in fresh air in my backyard) every morning before I start my day, this keeps me grounded and focused on my goals for the day ahead.

Breakfast varies each day but more often than not I have two local farm fresh poached eggs on one piece of wholegrain toast with a small amount of butter and vegemite. The vegemite may sound weird but trust me it’s delish!


Because I start my day so early I find I get hungry around 10:00am, so I will have a cup of green tea or a turmeric latte (almond milk) and one slice of wholegrain toast with smashed avocado and chilli flakes.


For lunch I almost always have a smoothie bowl, these are so quick and easy for me to blend up in my Thermomix. My go to is an acai or pitaya bowl. I blend organic frozen banana and mango with pure amazonia unsweetened acai or pitaya, a handful of organic baby spinach leaves, lots of chia seeds, a teaspoon of maca powder, whatever liquid i have usually water but otherwise almond or coconut milk. This blends in my thermomix into a thick creamy mixture. I put that into a bowl and top it with organic unsweetened granola, buckinis, bee pollen, more chia seeds, goji berries and diced medjool dates (the dates are a must! So deliciously chewy!) and whatever fruit is in season.


For an afternoon snack I will have a piece of banana bread that I usually bake myself on a Sunday for the week ahead. I use Jessica Sepels recipe here

I also sip on water constantly throughout my day - I can’t function without it - I drink at least 3 litres each day, this keeps my energy levels up.

Occasionally i will make something naughty like anzac biscuits or banana muffins but I ALWAYS reduce the amount of sugar by more than half. I assure you it will taste the same but you will consume far less sugar.


For dinner my go to dishes are a healthy chicken curry packed with garlic, fresh herbs and spices, grilled chicken with cajun spice and steamed veggies or if I am super low on time and haven’t prepared anything I will cook some edamame pasta (you can get this in health food stores) with a simple neapolitan sauce and chuck a handful of fresh baby spinach and basil from my garden on top for some greens.

If I am not at bikram yoga (usually every night) or taking my dog for a walk along the beach, I will finish my day with another meditation, I like to light incense, choose whichever crystal I am needing energy from, (right now I am loving my citrine) and meditate for 30 minutes.

I always make sure I get 8 hours sleep as I think sleep is so important for good health and is often overlooked.


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