How The Health Minded Business 'Sticky Business' Came To Be

How The Health Minded Business 'Sticky Business' Came To Be

Our resident nutritionist, Melissa Fine chats with 19 year old Sidney Anning, one half of the brains behind the nutritious snack, Sticky. Alongside running their business, Sidney and her brother Jack, 21, study at the Queensland University of Technology.

How did your business begin?

In August last year my brother Jack and I started a business tailored to the health food market. We were eager to pursue a business idea of our own whilst both studying at university and sharing and indulging in our passion for healthy eating. The health food industry seemed the obvious choice as our mum has been making a variation of Stickys at home for years and we realised that a healthy snack when you’re on the run is not always readily available.

Can you explain the development and concept of Sticky in a nutshell?

We make Organic Fruit & Nut Bars Stickys and partner with health food stores, gourmet grocers and the coolest coffee shops around. Stickys have a rapidly growing fan base and are stocked throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Originally our target market was to be coffee shops, so that they could provide a healthy alternative to the processed snacks currently on offer; However, this rapidly grew to include the take home snack market.

Describe Sticky in a nutshell.

We gently blend wholesome ingredients to create Stickys. They are an on-the-go snack when you don’t have time to whip up a recipe from your clean eating cookbook. We’ve already done all of the hard work for you… When there’s only unhealthy food on offer or you’re in a ‘Sticky situation’ (as we like to call it), reach for a Sticky bar to give you the nourishment and energy you need for the day.

How do you and your brother work together?

Jack and I are only 20 months apart and have very different personalities, so being in business together has had its challenges. I am the organised leader who needs everything planned and regimented and Jack gets by with his laid back charm, no stress…It all works out in the end. One thing we both have in common is our unwavering determination to succeed and our work ethic that I think…could possibly be genetic!

We have both coincidentally completed business plans for our business for university assignments and are so excited about the future (Sidney is doing a Bachelor of Law and Business, and Jack, a Bachelor of Urban Development).

What are your tips for a successful health business partnership?

With a business comes a lot of hard work and it can be stressful. Jack and I appreciate the value of teamwork. I think picking up the slack when the other needs time out is the key to having a successful working relationship.

How do you manage to balance uni, work and a social life?

Hmmm…Can’t say we have this down pat yet. It seems to be tipping in favour of uni and work at the moment but we enjoy the energy of the business and the people in the health food industry, so much so that maybe it qualifies as a social life.

What makes Sticky special and unique compared to other snack bars on the market?

The integrity of them! Stickys don’t need protein powders or additives in them to make them taste good. They just are! Dried fruit and nuts, what more could you want in a snack?

Sticky bars are 100% organic, so organic foods must be important to you. What are your reasons for eating organic and producing an organic food product?

The less chemicals we ingest through our diet and lifestyle the better. Our lives are so full of toxins and so we wanted to be able to offer a product that was wholesome & nourishing, one that gives back rather than putting further stress on our bodies.

What are your thoughts on the organic certification of food in Australia?

Stickys aren’t certified organic as yet, however 100% of the ingredients we use are organic. Organic certification has its part in maintaining standards in Australia and we will endeavour to have the product certified in the near future. It is a shame that it pushes the price of the product up and makes it less affordable.

What does the future hold for Sticky?

We want to share Stickys nationwide. We have also had a lot of interest overseas and would love to expand globally in the future.

What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of a Sticky bar?

Nutty, wholesome and nutritious.

What’s your favourite recipe with a Sticky bar?

My personal favourite recipe with a Sticky Bar is:
1 x BerrySticky, 1 x StickyCoconut, 1 x StickyCacao&Orange, 1 x pot of English Breakfast tea with oat milk, 3 x girlfriends & lots of laughs J.


The Sticky is a nutritious, goodness filled treat made purely and simply from natural organic ingredients. They try to keep them in as natural a state as possible – only fruit and nuts gently blended, with very little added. They are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Pesticide Free, G.M. Free with No Added Sugar or nasty Preservatives.