Five minutes with: GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf

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Five minutes with: GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf

Stephanie is a Sydney based Accredited Nutritionist that holds the philosophy, “being healthy is about finding the perfect balance between feeling your best without feeling deprived”. Stephanie also believes that good health starts in the gut and therefore has a special interest in digestive health.

Coming from a corporate background, Stephanie understands what it’s like to be busy, stressed out and nutritionally depleted. Using her own personal experiences and acquired knowledge, Stephanie provides her clients with practical nutrition advice that’s realistic and fits into their busy lifestyle, without creating added stress. When Stephanie isn’t seeing clients at her Double Bay clinic, she enjoys running Nutritional Cooking Classes teaching people how to create and implement healthy everyday eating, in a fun hands-on way.

Her diet very closely reflects the Mediterranean Diet. Partly because it is one of the most well research and health-promoting diets around and partly because she's grown up on it. That being said Steph is very much a foodie and enjoy all types of food, mostly being good quality and minimally processed. We are huge fans of Steph's food philosophy and were lucky enough to spend five minutes with her to discover her favourites in all things food and health.

1. What food can you not live without?

Fish, ideally wild and sustainable.

2. Favourite food joint?

I’m a massive foodie so this one is really tough but my favourite would have to be Apollo.

3. Your go-to breakfast? 

Grapefruit or frozen berries followed by a boiled egg on rice thins with avo or hummus and a sprinkle of dukka and chilli flakes.

4. First thing you do when you wake in the morning?

Eat breakfast. I’ve never been good at brunch cause I wake up really early with a growling belly. 

5. Fill in the blank. I put _____ on with all my food

Seeds. Mostly pepita, sesame or sunflower.

6. It’s date night. Your perfect restaurant would be?

Other than Apollo, Ester and 10 William St are my kind of date night. Amazing food, great service, good atmosphere yet still intimate.

7. You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. You must be guided by your stomach. Where would you go and why?

Greek Islands. Maybe because it’s in my blood but I can never get enough of that perfectly grilled octopus with lemony tzaziki and juicy Greek salads. The view is pretty special too.

8. The word Wholefood to you means….

Food in it’s complete and natural form.

9. Your favourite food memory is of…

Last year I was in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast for a wedding and I did the Nona Orsola Cooking Course with a few girlfriends. They have this incredible organic green garden which we picked all the fresh produce from and then cooked up a traditional Italian Feast. We then ate ourselves into a food coma, timed perfectly for our afternoon siesta. Heaven.

10. Three health goals for this year?

Do more yoga, meditation and drink more water.

11. Sweet or Savoury?


12. You are known for your _____ recipe?

Bolognese and vegetable bake.

13. Fill in the blank. I may be full but if you put ______ in front of me I will eat it any day.

Ice-cream. It’s my biggest weakness. Out of sight, out of mind!

14. Favourite food quote?

“People who love to eat are always the best people” Julia Child

If you'd like to follow Steph's journey, visit her Website | Facebook | Instagram or find out more about her Nutritional Cooking Classes.

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