Author: Stephanie Malouf

What's the fuss about Alkaline Water?

By GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf The word 'alkaline' has been thrown around as a bit of a buzz word in the health industry lately, but what does it really mean? We asked our GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf to give us the low down on what all the fuss is about alkaline water and if it really is important to drink in our day. What is alkaline water Alkaline water is a water with a pH level greater than 7. A pH


Ten of the healthiest high-protein snacks you can eat on the go

By GMB Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf Snacking, is it important or is it best avoided? There’s a lot of mixed opinions as to whether snacking is a good thing or a bad thing. My advice is to listen to your body. If you get hungry or experience an energy slump between meals, then I recommend that you have a small protein containing snack. If you feel fuelled and satisfied between meals, then there is no need to eat for the sake of it and


Five minutes with: GMB Health Advisor, Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf

Stephanie is a Sydney based Accredited Nutritionist that holds the philosophy, “being healthy is about finding the perfect balance between feeling your best without feeling deprived”. Stephanie also believes that good health starts in the gut and therefore has a special interest in digestive health. Coming from a corporate background, Stephanie understands what it’s like to be busy, stressed out and nutritionally depleted. Using her own personal experiences and acquired knowledge, Stephanie provides her clients with practical nutrition advice that’s realistic and fits