Author: Dr Sandy Krafchik

Five Minutes With GMB Health Advisor, Dr Sandy

Sandy is a doctor (MBChB), holistic health advisor, preventative health educator and advocate and health writer. Having herself suffered from autoimmune conditions, Sandy is passionate about using nutrition and as a tool to prevent & manage chronic diseases. We are so excited to welcome Sandy to the GoodnessMe Box family as our resident Doctor to help us source the healthiest products for you and to answer your burning questions about how to make the best food choices for your body. But first, we'd love you


A Guide to the Best Natural Sweeteners

By GMB Advisor, Dr Sandy Krafchik With such a wide array of natural sweeteners available on the supermarket and health food store shelves – it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing to choose the correct one for your needs. Although healthy treats are being touted as healthy alternatives to the traditional sugar-laden treats –they are still treats! Therefore, moderation is key! The GMB stance is very practical & realistic: sugar and sweeteners cannot always be completely avoided – but their use should always be limited to an


Is Yerba Mate Tea better than coffee?

By Dr Sandy Krafchik Let’s face it – we all love our morning coffee! This becomes especially evident as the weather cools down during Autumn & Winter. It provides us with that instant “wake up” buzz – whether it’s enjoying a cuppa before work, between meetings, after dropping the kids at school, with brekkie, after exercising or while catching up with friends. Our May box provides a healthier alternative: Yerba Mate tea. But……how does it compare to coffee? What is Yerba mate? Yerba mate