Author: Peta Shulman

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7 Natural Face Products I’m Using on My Skin Right Now

By GMB Founder, Peta Shulman At GMB, we’re big believers in natural, no-tox skincare. These days, it’s easier than ever to go down the natural route. There are plenty of products that are tailored to specific skin types and concerns, and they’re just as effective than the commercial, chemical-laden products. These are the natural face products I’m currently slathering on my skin. Natura Siberica – Caviar de Russie Age Delay Face Soap I’m religious about my skincare routine, and for the


Teff, Pumpkin, Haloumi & Mint Fritters

By GMB Founder, Peta Shulman Packed full of nutrients and gluten free goodness, I find out from our GMB Nutritionist Stephanie Malouf what makes this ancient grain so unique! If you're needing some inspiration on how to use the Teff Tribe Ivory Grain found in our July GoodnessMe Box have a look at this delicious Teff, Pumpkin, Haloumi & Mint Fritters recipe! What is Teff and why is this grain so special? Whilst Teff appears to be the new favourite grain on the block it’


Top 5 food trends for 2017

By GMB Founder, Peta Shulman The health world is a creative one to work in – it’s constantly evolving, and always inspiring. At GMB, we do our best to stay on top of the trends, with one eye on today’s buzzwords, and the other on what’s set to light up the industry next so that we can bring you the best possible boxes. Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, we’re breaking down the top 5 food inventions that