GMB Health Transformation with Carmel Zein


Balance a career, a family and a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, and at times even feel unachievable. We were honoured to get to know Carmel Zein better from our GMB family, and find out about her incredible health transformation. Carmel's journey shows us that you can have it all, and it doesn't need to be complicated.

What is your food philosophy?

Eat real food!
Fresh, clean, wholesome and a variety of foods in abundance.

Tell us about your eating choices now compared to a few years ago? How different does your shopping trolley look?

I wouldn’t be able to recognise myself 5 years ago, not because of how I looked but because of my outlook on food and health. Eating healthy is all about education, an education that I lacked 5 years ago.

Junk food and late night maccas runs used to excite me, having people over always included chips, chocolate and soft drink. Now, I don’t even walk down those aisles at the grocery store, I’m in the fresh food section and the health food aisle and everything that I create out of those ingredients genuinely excites me. My friends and family now know to expect falafel or lentil chips or some sort of vegan dessert when they come over - oh and coconut sugar in their tea!

What was the turning point that made you sit up and make a change to your lifestyle?

Honestly, when I became pregnant with my daughter Amina, I naturally got the urge to cut out processed foods as much as I could. It started with me cutting out coffee, worried about the affect of too much caffeine on my baby, then I just wanted to eat good fresh foods in abundance, that’s when I started educating myself on which foods would best nourish my unborn child and me.

How do you feel now compared to when you were eating differently?

I feel like I now see clearly and I’m so thankful for this lifestyle. I am way more confident than before I had a child, I weigh less than I did pre baby, I’m fitter and everything about food and health excites me. I don’t own a scale anymore and I would never count calories because I know exactly what I am putting into my body and that it is good for me, and that’s all I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is there anything you can do now or have done, that you once never thought possible?

Balancing a career, family and everything else life offers, I thought it would be hard to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, but I am doing it now because I have a genuine love and interest for it. Cooking every night isn’t a chore, I cook with basic and minimal fresh ingredients and it’s so quick and easy.

How has GoodnessMe Box helped you on your health journey?

GoodnessMe Box was a God send when I started my health journey. I had amazing, healthy treats turn up to my house every month when I didn’t have the time or energy to go out searching. It helped me a lot in educating myself on health products and I’m still learning with all the great products that get featured.

What are your ultimate favourite health product finds that you have discovered through GoodnessMe Box that you recommend to help others?

If you don’t already eat natural peanut butter then NOW is the time to start. I discovered Mayvers peanut butter and other nut butters in the GoodnessMe box and I have never looked back to processed butters and spreads.

Power Superfoods Coconut Sugar – I use this for everything now as a replacement for sugar.

And more recently, The Wild- Granola. Its so hard to find cereals and granola’s with no sugar these days, and I’m always looking to try products that don’t just claim to be healthy but truly are.

Nutradry acai powder- when you don’t feel like getting your hands and kitchen dirty for an acai bowl, this is the perfect solution.

How Can GoodnessMe Box help your health journey?

Natural food with zero nasties, delivered right to your doorstep every month.

Here at GoodnessMe Box, we want to put the fun back into healthy eating. But we know you’re crazy-busy, so we make it easy for you: we deliver pure, wholesome food right to your doorstep. And we do it every month.

GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, we surprise you with 6-10 clean eats the world is going nuts about. Think the newest superfoods, wholefood bars to eat on the go, nut butters, kale chips, coconut oil, herbal teas, raw chocolates, natural protein powders or gluten-free cereals – and that’s just an idea of what you might get.

The box is all about discovery, so we don’t tell you what you’re going to get to try each month – but we can promise that it’ll be natural, GMO-free, and de-lish. We’re also passionate about getting people back in the kitchen, so we give you plenty of recipes and ideas for using the new ingredients and goodies in your box.

It's all about Food with Integrity!

Our boxes are filled with only the highest quality health products, courtesy of brands that, like us, want to share wholesome food with the world. We also take it one step further, requiring all the goodies in our boxes to fall in at least TWO of these categories:organic, sustainable, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan.It’s strict, and we say no to many products, so you can be sure that you’re fuelling your body with the best of the best.

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