Five Minutes With GMB Health Advisor, Psychologist Tayla Rabinovitz

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Five Minutes With GMB Health Advisor, Psychologist Tayla Rabinovitz

What food can you not live without?

Any form of bread - whether it's a bagel, pizza or burger! I have to limit myself though - too much makes me feel like curling up on the couch for 5 days.

Favourite food joint?

There is a burger place in Melbourne on chapel st called Parlour. I would trade my place in heaven for their curly fries.

Your go-to breakfast?

I love a cacao and banana smoothie or paleo cereal from The Source.

First thing you do when you wake in the morning?

Play with my puppy, Spout!

Fill in the blank. I put _____ on/with all my food.

Sesame mayonnaise

It's date night. Your perfect restaurant would be?

Attica in Melbourne. It's the best restaurant experience I've ever had.

You have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. You must be guided by your stomach. Where would you go and why?

Ummm...Italy...because pizza. Ooo! Or America because of their burgers! Tough call.

The word Wholefood to you means....

Eating a plant based diet, where very little food is processed.

Your favourite food memory is of...

Going to Maccas every Saturday morning with my brother and dad when I was a little girl and eating their pancakes. I still go back there sometimes with my partner, Zam and try to recreate the experience. It doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but my Zam thinks it's hilarious.

3 health goals for this year?

  1. Eating three meals a day! I'm the queen of skipping on eating when I get busy and then ordering take-away for dinner.

  2. Doing something physical every day, whether it's yoga, swimming or walking.

  3. Getting to the beach more for walks and swims with Spout.

Sweet or Savoury?

Savoury. All the way.

You are known for you ______ recipe?

Vegetarian Lasagne.

Fill in the blank. I may be full but if you put ____ in front of me I will eat it any day.

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

Favourite food quote?

"Brie makes everything better." Me.

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